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What Should I Do If My Steam Account Was Hacked!

by: Omri Toppol
What to do if my Steam account is hacked

Steam is the most popular and largest video games platform for PC in the world.  Since a lot of money moves around its system to buy virtual steam goods, it has become a profitable target for hackers to strike. Even Steam stated that around  77,000 accounts are hijacked and pillaged every month.

So, If you suspect your Steam account has been hacked, but still have access to it as well as your E-mail account, do the following:

1. Change Your Password

Open your Steam client, click on “Steam”, then “Settings” or “Preferences”. A window will show up with several buttons, click on “Change Password”. A pop-up window will show up asking you to insert your previous password. If you no longer have your existing password or it is not working for any reason, go to Steam Support’s page and follow the step-by-step guide to reset your password. If your existing password worked, an E-mail message will be sent to your mailbox. The message will contain a code that you will need to provide on the Steam client. Copy-paste the code, then enter a new password to reset it.

Choose a complex password, with lower case letters, upper case letters and digits. If possible, add special characters like hash or exclamation point. Make sure it is at least 8 characters long. It is best not to pick dictionary words.

Click on “Steam”, then “Settings” - Steam account hacked

Click on “Steam”, then “Settings”

Click on “Change Password” - Steam account hacked

Click on “Change Password”


Insert your previous password - Steam account hacked

Insert your previous password

2. Verify your contact E-mail has not been changed

On the same page in the Steam client, your account name and E-mail address would be visible. While it isn’t possible to change the account name, a hacker may change the E-mail address associated with your account in order to have a stronger hold on it.

If your E-mail account has been changed, click on the third button, “Change contact E-mail address”. Enter your password and your real E-mail address.

3. Check Your Activity

After you’ve changed your password and verified that the E-mail associated with your account is truly yours, make sure to go over your purchase history and product key activations. The reason why criminals would want to hack into your Steam account is to gain access to games. If there’s a credit card linked to your account, they may be able to use it to purchase games when your account is hacked. To view the purchase history, on the same page in your Steam client, click on “View Account Details” (it may appear as a small link on the top right corner of the page). On the window that will pop up, click on “View purchase history”. Go over the list and make sure no game was purchased. Afterwards, click on “View licenses and product key activations” and go over this activity. If something has changed, be sure to contact Steam support via this link:

Click on “View Account Details” - Steam account hacked

Click on “View Account Details”

Click on “View purchase history” - Steam account hacked

Click on “View purchase history”

Go over the list and make sure no game was purchased. - Steam account hacked

Go over the list and make sure no game was purchased.

Click on “View licenses and product key activations” - Steam account hacked

Click on “View licenses and product key activations”

Go over the activity. If something has changed, be sure to contact Steam support - Steam account hacked

Go over the activity. If something has changed, be sure to contact Steam support

4. Check Your Other Accounts

If you are re-using your password in other websites, such as Gmail or iCloud – change the passwords on these services immediately. You’ll want to verify: was your Facebook hacked along with other accounts? Make sure you are still able to log into these services. Attackers often take advantage of users’ tendency to re-use password (an ill-advised but common practice) to gain access to additional accounts of the victim!

5. Run an Anti-Virus on your Computer

Many times attackers gain their victims’ passwords using Trojan horses that were installed on the victims’ computers. If your machine is infected, changing the password will not help, as the malware will capture the new password and send it to the hacker.

6. Set up Steam Guard

Steam provides you with the ability to set up stronger authentication when accessing your account in order to better protect it from hackers. Once set up, every time you will wish to log into Steam you will receive a one-time password that you will have to provide. This way, if a hacker has the password to your Steam account, he still won’t be able to access it as he will not have access to this code.

To set it up, go to the same page as the one you’ve accessed to change your password (by clicking on “Steam” then “Preferences” or “Settings”). Click on the top button, “Manage Steam Guard”. A window will pop up with three options – “Get Steam Guard codes from the Steam app on my phone”, “Get Steam codes by email” and “Turn Steam Guard off”.

Of course, we do not recommend the last option. The best one would be the first one, as it will ensure that even if your E-mail account is compromised – your account will remain safe.

If you are unable to access your account and you believe this is the result of a hacker, please contact Steam Support immediately through the following link:

Final tip – Get LogDog

Download and install LogDog from Google Play or iTunes App store. LogDog is a mobile Intrusion Detection System, which monitors your online accounts, including Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, and protects you against online identity theft. It alerts you immediately when something is suspicious and allows you to act in order to keep intruders out.

While we currently do not support Steam, we will let you know if something suspicious happens on your E-mail account, often a jumping board to hacking into your other accounts such as Steam.


Written by  Omri Toppol

Omri is LogDog's marketing guy. He is passionate about technology, digital marketing and helping online users to stay safe and secure

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