Q-1 What services does LogDog support?

Q-2 Will LogDog ever protect other services like Instagram or WhatsApp?

Q-3 How do I protect an account with LogDog?

Q-4 How can I be sure that my passwords are safe with LogDog?

Q-5 Can I protect more than one account from the same service (i.e. two Gmail accounts)?

Q-6 How does LogDog ensure that my accounts are protected?

Q-7 How quickly does LogDog alert me to suspicious activity?

Q-8 What are some examples of suspicious activity that would warrant an alert from LogDog?

Q-9 What should I do if I receive an alert?

Q-10 What should I do if I receive an alert and I’m not sure what to do?

Q-11 Does LogDog prevent hackers from accessing my account?

Q-12 How does a LogDog alert benefit me if it means I’ve already been hacked?

Q-13 Why is LogDog telling me to “Fix” an alert I’ve already addressed?

Q-14 Why am I seeing “Paused” on my account?

Q-15 Can you give me details about the hacker that tried to access my account?

Q-16 Why am I getting an alert regarding access from an IP address in Virginia?

Q-17 What should I do if my account was hacked?

Q-18 I really love LogDog. How can I show you my gratitude?