How to protect against identity theft if your Yahoo account was hacked

Was Your Yahoo Account Hacked?

Were you one of the recent 500 million Yahoo accounts to get hacked? If you have even the slightest suspicion of a hack attack, you need to start by wiping the internet of any damaging information. Use this free anti-intrusion software to quickly and effortlessly remove passwords, bank details, social security numbers, and other sensitive data, so anyone who tries to access this information won’t be able to. This is an important step regardless of which online account you think might be hacked.

Now back to Yahoo.

Whether it’s a few emails you noticed that you never actually sent or some of your settings have been changed, you might have an inkling that there’s more than one person using your account lately. If you are concerned that you were part of the major Yahoo account breach earlier this year, then you need to get back on top of things in a jiffy.

Can You Log In?

Before you get started taking care of the security breaches in your Yahoo account, make sure you can actually log in. If you can’t, try to recover the password using the alternate email address you used when you set up your Yahoo account originally. If you never selected a recovery email, click here to try to recover your account via an alternate method.

Minimizing the Damage

LogDog is there to help keep you safe before you’ve been hacked, and it’s even around to help you minimize the damage in the event that your account is compromised.

Here’s how LogDog helps:

  • The software sends out alerts whenever any sensitive information is being held or transferred through your account.
  • Alerts can be received on your mobile device, so you get these notifications instantly for minute-to-minute security updates. LogDog even has a feature that allows you to change your password on the spot.
  • There are no logs. LogDog doesn’t record or log any of your information whatsoever. This means you won’t have to worry about someone hacking LogDog to access your personal information because the app doesn’t store it!
  • It uses personalized account behavior through machine learning algorithms. LogDog actually learns your standard modes of account activity, so the software can easily and instantly detect when unusual activity occurs. This includes IP addresses and typical places where you generally log in from.
  • It offers protection for both Android and iOS

With up to the minute security updates, LogDog affords you the ability to change your password the moment anything suspicious arises, giving you a huge advantage over today’s hackers.

So what should you do if someone hacks your Yahoo account? Follow this easy guide to grabbing back control.

Quick Recovery Steps:

  1. Check your recent activity logs.
    1. Access your activity logs from the left hand menu bar on your Yahoo Account page.
    2. Check the list of places and devices where your Yahoo account has been accessed.
  2. Change your Yahoo password.
    1. Go to ‘Account Security’ on the left hand navigation bar, and change your password.
  3. Check your recovery account details on the ‘Account Security’ page.
    1. Add a new recovery email address.
  4. Activate two-step verification.
    1. Open the ‘Account Security section’.
    2. Near the bottom of the page, you’ll see Two-step verification. Use the toggle switch to turn it on.