LogDog was born from the personal pain of being hacked. Having one of your online accounts hacked and losing all your data to a cyber-criminal is something no one should have to go through, so we decided to do something about it. The LogDog team is a group of dedicated people that has worked together for years. We have decades of software development and product design experience and are passionate about securing both our own private information and helping others do the same.


Our working assumption is that no matter how good the front line security is, hackers will find a way to circumvent it and get into private accounts. Instead of building a better lock, we give our users a dog, one that barks when an intruder breaks in. The LogDog system monitors online accounts and continuously scans various indicators of unauthorized access. LogDog monitors multiple accounts and devices for each of our protected users. We see the user’s access routine across all their services so we can detect suspicious activities that the service providers themselves can't. When an attack is detected, LogDog sends intrusion alerts and lets our users take back control over their accounts

WHY LogDog?

LogDog’s intelligent technology can detect when hackers try to go from service to service or one user to the next using exploited credentials. Unlike online service providers that are limited only to the data in their domain, LogDog looks at the entire set of multi-service usage data from the user’s point of view in order to accurately identify any suspicious behavior. The LogDog system monitors online accounts and continuously scans various indicators that are associated with unauthorized access by taking into account a user’s routine across various devices and services.