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8 Best Mobile Antivirus Apps For Android and iOS

by: Omri Toppol
Antivirus apps to help with identity theft protection

Whether you’re a devoted iPhone user or a die-hard Android fan, your phone holds a great deal of sensitive and private information that can easily get compromised; If you’re not using an antivirus app on your phone, you’re risking running corrupted apps and other types of malware. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of security apps to choose from so you can prevent viruses and detect them early on, while also enjoying many privacy and anti-theft features.  

That’s why we’ve lined up the best mobile antivirus apps on the market for you–Android and iOS. However, before you choose the right app for you, keep in mind that while these apps are free, they offer a paid premium version which in some cases offers more advanced features.


360 Security- Antivirus Boost


This popular antivirus app with an overall 4.6 rating lets you clean useless data and Android system files to free up memory and boost performance.It scans all installed and new apps automatically and provides protection against malware, adware, trojan, viruses and more. Other cool features are the anti-theft options like Erase,Locate, Alarm and lock that will help you find your lost device and protect your personal information.

360 Security- Antivirus Boost

Pros: Successfully boosts phone performance, provides improved protection.

Cons: May close apps automatically to conserve battery (apps reopen again in some cases).


McAfee Mobile Security



McAfee is probably one of the most well-known, trusted names in antivirus security and it’s safe to say they’ve delivered on their promises once again. It offers Intel Security features and scans for malicious code from SMS, SD card, files, apps and other downloads,provides real time detection for malware and protects from unsecure WiFi networks. The app helps you stay safe by blocking access to high-risk sites from text messages, QR codes and social networks. It comes with privacy options like the ability to block apps that may hold sensitive information, and multi-user app profiles.

McAfee Security & Power Booster

Pros: Top-notch anti-theft and security features, intuitive interface.

Cons: Complex setup, malware detection could be better compared to the competition.


DU Antivirus

DU Antivirus

For each app, DU offers a powerful,quick one-tap scan for viruses; It monitors new app installations and updates,runs scans to check for items that might leak privacy –killing viruses it detects, and enables you to add a password to lock each app. You can also protect private videos and photos with a password, and when a wrong PIN is entered, the app even takes a picture of the intruder.  

DU Antivirus- App Lock

Pros: Improves games speed by 30 percent.

Cons: Battery life doesn’t increase significantly, may slow down phone.


Norton Mobile Security



Another household name in the software security industry and probably one of the best mobile antivirus apps out there.Norton has really stepped up their game with a stronger version of the free app. This is an improvement of what you would consider a “heavy” antivirus app; Features include remote device locking and alarms to retrieve missing devices, and like many of the competition’s paid versions, you get more features if you purchase the premium app– but the free version does a decent job on its own.

Norton Security and Antivirus

Pros: Excellent detection rates and overall top-notch protection.

Cons: iOS version has fewer features.


Avira Mobile Security


Avira Mobile Security

Avira antivirus scans apps and external storage units for malware, helps users recover up to 5 stolen or lost devices and ensures their email hasn’t been hacked. It keeps tracks of emails to make sure they haven’t been compromised and provides safety ratings for search results.

Avira Mobile Security

Pros: Great ratings from independent lab testings.

Cons: Full scan takes longer than most, low scores in antiphishing tests.


Lookout Mobile Security


Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout has impressive technology that protects 80 million users. It backs up your personal data, photos and contacts. The app saves your phone’s last location just before you lose battery and if you lose it you can call it from the app’s website and even sound an alarm to find your phone if it’s nearby- even if it’s on silent.     

Lookout Mobile Security

Pros: Excellent anti-theft features, lightweight.

Cons: Drains battery faster than other security apps, advanced features like Safe Browsing and Remote Lock, and Wipe are only available on the paid version.


AVAST Mobile Security


avast mobile security

This protection app comes from another known competitor in the PC antivirus market and the android version is rapidly becoming recognized on its own with 100 million installs.The app’s features include the basic app scanning for malware, spyware, unwanted privacy phishing, trojan removal for infected apps, it offers anti-theft features, and it even scans and blocks USSD numbers which can wipe your device’s memory.

AVAST Mobile Security

Pros: Wide variety of privacy and anti-theft tools.

Cons: Some features are separated into independent apps.


CM Security


CM Security


This app was one of the best free android apps back when there were only a few ones and it’s a still topping the charts with multilayer protection that scans new apps, fixes system vulnerability and more. Scanning takes seconds and the safe web browsing feature effectively keeps you from browsing potentially dangerous sites. The app offers fingerprint lock passwords for several devices and locks apps like Facebook and WhatsApp to secure private chats.

CM Security

Pros: Super fast scanning, system performance doesn’t slow down while scanning.

Cons: You have to download a separate app to get the junk cleaner.


These are our top picks for the best mobile antivirus apps, but of course, new apps pop up all the time. Let us know what’s you favorite antivirus app and how you keep your private information secure.

Written by  Omri Toppol

Omri is LogDog's marketing guy. He is passionate about technology, digital marketing and helping online users to stay safe and secure

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