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Help Us Improve LogDog

by: Omri Toppol
How to improve LogDog protection app with your suggestions

So you’re using LogDog. Awesome!

And you’d like to help us improve it? Amazing.

By opting in to help us improve LogDog, you’re technically giving us permission to email you asking for feedback about your LogDog experience. This could mean asking you to complete a super quick survey about managing alerts, or requesting your insight on the process of protecting a certain account type. When you opt in to help us improve LogDog, you’ll also start receiving our weekly newsletter (you can unsubscribe anytime). And every time you provide your feedback, you’ll be entered for a chance to win cool prizes.

How will we contact you? By sending you an email or message once you’ve started protecting an account. On that note, a very important FYI: We’ll never send you spam or share your contact details with anyone.

On a non-technical level, opting in to help us improve means you’re helping keep LogDog the best anti-hacking tool out there. And it means you’ll have our unending gratitude. Because, honestly, there’s nothing more valuable than insight that comes directly from you—our valued, LogDog users. With your help, we can make sure LogDog stays free and easy-to-use, and offers protection for the accounts you value most.

How can I help?

There are two ways to opt in:

Method 1:

When you open LogDog for the first time, you’ll see this screen:

LogDog Main Screen

The checkbox next to “E-mail me for feedback” is how you can opt-in before adding protection for your first account. If you un-check it, you’ll be opting out from helping us improve LogDog.

Method 2:

Perhaps you’ve already progressed past the first screen (for example, you went straight to adding protection for your accounts. Bravo!). Or maybe you un-checked the checkbox on the first screen because you weren’t sure what it meant (we don’t blame you)… Fortunately, there’s still a way you can help us improve LogDog. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Go to your LogDog Settings by clicking on the three lines at the top left of the screen, and then selecting Settings:

LogDog Settings

2. Click the checkbox next to “Email me for feedback.”

LogDog Opt-In

Thanks so much for helping us make LogDog the best it can be! You ROCK!


Written by  Omri Toppol

Omri is LogDog's marketing guy. He is passionate about technology, digital marketing and helping online users to stay safe and secure

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48 thoughts on “Help Us Improve LogDog

  1. I am using the application for quite some time now but wondering why press settings and you get referred here instead of settings for the application, why?

    1. You may have arrived to this page after clicking “Learn more” in the Settings pop-up. This is for more info about opting in to help us improve LogDog. Thanks!

    1. Hi Penny. LogDog currently supports one account of any specific account type. However, we have support for multiple accounts of the same type coming soon, so please stay tuned!

      1. Je trouve logdog magnifique depuis que je.utilise je suis tranquille et en toute confiance on as essayé de hacker mon compte et logdog ma protéger , je suis très satisfaits

    1. Hi David,
      Right now we’re focusing on providing protection for more of the account types people use most, like Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. However, we may very well look into this in the future!

  2. I don’t feel it to be right to Actually Send out Recommendation for the App to Friends or Family
    To Both Them & I it’s Sending Spam.
    I WILL Share it To my Wall, but is Pretty Much considered by Everyone as Being Well Notified, Especially Since I was Recenty Hacked by being unknowingly Tagged in Simething I already Knew to be a Phishing Scam.

    1. I too am having the same issue. And with a second authentication required on my Google Account this is PRETTY ANNOYING. PLEASE FIX SOON.

  3. Why cant I get protection for my gmail accts? I just read through your entire site & seen this, yet its not on my Lollipop 5.1 Android phone, who do I contact abot this? I tried the + add an app yet nothing there?? Please advise A.S.A.P. THANKS FOLKS!

  4. Is there any way to protect the banking apps, or apps that use your money such as my Credit Union app, PayPal, Starbucks and any such other app. Another question I have is that all my information including my credit card info is stored on my browser to enable auto-fill. Several, actually. I use Chrome mainly and if that were to be hacked they would have all my information including the 3 digits at the back of my main|credit card.

  5. Can anyone please help, my phone, gmails, were hacked, did 2 step verification and that allowed him into my computer!!! Soo frustrating. Your log dog shows he is in and in now, again, gmails, dropbox, Facebook… But now WHAT do I do???

  6. Is it protecting my phone? Because it’s wanting to protect everything didnt ask to protect my phone?

  7. I’ve joined and ran the diagnosis on my Gmail/Google account and gave me things I needed to do when log dog was searching for hackers whatever it’s job was to do . Came across a few stuff that was at risk. So after all that was finished. It gave me when the activities I did like a, date/time/ place. Time and date was right but Minnesota was not where I was when I did it why would it say that. I’m confused help me understand. LOGDOG

  8. I yes, I would recommend logdog have used it before, very good. Forgot to put it on new phone until received. Trouble. Thank God it wasn’t to late.

  9. J.Summer. Breeze.S

    I wanted this to protect my phone period. I don’t feel like that’s what I’m getting . Is this true? Or just the apps I choose?


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