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What Should I Do If My Netflix Account Gets Hacked

by: Omri Toppol
What to do if your Netflix Account is Hacked

You’ve got the whole gang over for movie night, but things go south fast when you pull up your Netflix and everyone sees your recently watched list is filled with…gasp…True Blood episodes! Before your reputation is permanently scarred, consider the possibility that your Netflix account might have been hacked.

A growing phenomenon is the black market for trading Netflix account details. It’s an entire underworld running an extensive network of scams, hacks, and scheming, and it’s the place to go if you want to piggyback onto someone else’s account for only $1!

Your Netflix account might be compromised, but lucky for you, you can take control back. Here’s an easy guide on regaining your Netflix account after a hack.

1. Kick Out the Predators

Start the process by booting the hackers that started this mess in the first place. This requires three steps:

  • Changing your password: Use this link to change your password. Make it strong, make it complex, and make it unobvious.

How to change password in Netflix

  • End current sessions: When you’ve chosen a new password, click the “Require all devices” box so no one will be able to sign in without the new password. This will also kick off anyone who is currently stealing your Netflix streaming.
  • Change your email address: The email address you have associated with your Netflix account may be compromised at this point, so it’s a good idea to change that as well. Either create a new one or use an alternate email address that you did have linked to the account before. Go here to start the process.

Change email in Netflix
2. Check Out What’s Been Going On

Not sure your Netflix account has actually been hacked? Go check out the recent activity on your account. This’ll give you a better picture of what’s been going on in your account and probably help you see more clearly whether or not someone unauthorized has been using it.

This is also easy to do. Go to the My Account page, and look for the Viewing Activity link under the My Profile section.

My Account - Netflix account hacked

Go to “My Account”

Viewing activity - Netflix account hacked

Check your “Viewing activity”

As you can see, another window will open with a whole list of your recent activities. This list includes which devices were used to access your Netflix account, the time and date of the action, and even the location. If anything looks weird or you don’t remember using the account at those times/locations, you’re probably the victim of a hack.

Check Your Activity - Netflix account hacked

Check Your Activity

3. Do a Thorough Clean up Job

Once your Netflix account is under control, it’s time to make sure the hackers can’t do any more damage. Start by checking your other online accounts including:

  • Email accounts: The email account associated with your Netflix is particularly of interest, but you should check out all of your accounts. If you are using the same password for this and Netflix, change it right now. In general, this is a terrible security practice and should be avoided. If you can’t get into your Gmail or Yahoo accounts, you might have been hacked. Follow the links above to see just what to do.
  • Other online accounts: Whether it’s Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter, hackers will jump from one of your accounts to the next trying to gain access with whatever information they’ve gleaned from hacking your first account. Go through all your online accounts, changing passwords and checking account details wherever possible. Once again, shared passwords must be changed immediately.

Don’t forget to run antivirus software. This software will pick up any viruses or malware that hackers have infected your device with. A computer with a virus will likely be feeding all the

information in input straight to the cyber criminals you are trying to protect yourself from. So run an antivirus frequently to avoid falling victim again.

Finally, LogDog is the modern day technology that keeps the bad guys out of your private info. LogDog is a mobile intrusion detection app that monitors all of your accounts including email servers like Gmail and Hotmail and social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. They’ll detect your personal data that’s exposed, tell you about it, and help you get rid of it before someone else hacks into it.

LogDog can be found on the iTunes store and Google Play, so everyone can enjoy safer surfing all the time.

4. Regain Control Via Alternate Methods if You Can’t Get In

If you can’t get into your Netflix account, check the email account. If you can still log into this, just reset your Netflix password by having them send you a new one to your email address. If you can’t reach your email account, follow the steps above, and then contact customer support.


Contact Netflix - Netflix account hacked

Contact Netflix – Netflix Help Center

There’s a live chat option that will connect you to someone who can help right away.


Written by  Omri Toppol

Omri is LogDog's marketing guy. He is passionate about technology, digital marketing and helping online users to stay safe and secure

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