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Use identity fraud protection to avoid phishing scams

So Your Gmail Was Hacked? Protect Yourself Against It Happening Again

Written by : Omri Toppol

Imagine the following scenario: you wake up in the morning, pour your cup of joe, walk to your desk and sit down to check your emails. At first you do... Read More

Protect yourself from identity theft through charity scams

Tips for Online Fraud Protection to Keep You Safe

Written by : Omri Toppol

Believe it or not, the scary truth is that without identity protection services, you are more than likely exposed and vulnerable to attacks by online... Read More

How to prevent identity theft with children online

Learn How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft Online

Written by : Omri Toppol

The numbers are staggering: Around 17.6 million American citizens were victims of identity theft in 2014. That’s about 7% of all Americans over the ... Read More

Applying the right security safety settings to prevent online identity theft

How to Protect Yourself via Credit Monitoring Services

Written by : Omri Toppol

You’ve probably heard the terms credit card theft, credit card fraud, and identity theft being thrown around but haven’t given much attention to t... Read More

How to protect your identity if you get hacked

The Best Solutions for Identity Theft Protection for Individuals

Written by : Omri Toppol

Nowadays, so much of our lives take place on the internet. Between our email, financial institutions, and social media accounts, there is likely more ... Read More

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