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Help! My Pinterest Account may have been hacked!

by: Omri Toppol
What to do if my pinterest account (is) hacked

While groups like OurMine tend to target high-profile accounts like hacking Mark Zuckerberg, Travis Kalanick, and Sundar Pichai, anyone with a Pinterest account could get hacked at one point or another. There are precautions you can take to keep yourself guarded from these cyber crimes, but first, check out what you should do if you believe your Pinterest account has been hacked.

Step 1: Check if you can access your email account

The reason you’re starting with email as opposed to jumping straight to changing your password is because in order to recover your password (assuming you can’t get into your Pinterest account), Pinterest will send you a confirmation email enabling the change. If you can access your email, you can’t change your password.

Additionally, hackers tend to target email accounts more ferociously than any other online accounts. Why? Because people will unknowingly leave really sensitive info just sitting in their email archives. This is the jackpot for hackers, and most people aren’t even aware that they’re doing something dangerous. Fortunately, there are free tools like this one that’ll help you remove any passwords, card numbers, or banking details that are found in your email account.

Ask anyone you might have shared private details with to delete the email thread as well. LogDog will scan all your accounts to see if any personal information remains and let you know if it does so you can dispose of it properly.

Step 2a: Change your password

Ok, you’ve got control of your email. Next step: change your password. If you can access your account, this will be much easier. Go to the Settings page (the menu found under the little cog symbol), and click Edit settings. Press Change your password to enter the old password and choose a new one.


pinterest settings

Go to “Edit settings”

Change pinterest password

Click on “Change your password”

The safest way to come up with a new password is to avoid using common knowledge, standard words, or strings of letters or numbers. Try a variety of numbers and letters instead. Also toss in a few special characters and vary the casing of the letters. Pinterest will inform you of whether or not you’ve chosen a strong password, so you can maximize the security on your account.

bad pinterest password

Bad password ☹

good pinterest password

Good password 😊

Step 2b: Recover your account

A bigger problem is if you cannot access your Pinterest account. If this happens, you have two options:

  1. If you still can get into your email account, reset your password using this form. Pinterest will send you a new password form, and you can change it to something more secure. If you are using the same password that was used to hack into your Pinterest account on other online accounts, go there and change it to (more on this below).

reset pinterest password

reset email pinterest

reset email confirmation

2. If you are unable to access your email account any longer, contact Pinterest immediately, and read up on what to do if your Gmail account was hacked.

Step 3: Review your listed email address

When someone hacks an account, often they will change the email associated with the account so that any alert emails (such as purchase made or comments posted) will go to them and not to the person who actually owns the account. So the next step is to check that your email address is correct. Be careful, because hackers will be really tricky here, changing only a single letter sometimes so the email address looks just like yours, and you won’t notice the change if you’re not looking carefully.

verify email address pinterest

Verify that your email is correct under “Email address”

Once again, this can be done under the Settings page. If it’s been changed, simply switch it back to your email address, and press Save Settings.

Step 4: Review apps permissions

pinterest apps permission

Click “Apps” in “Account settings”

On your Settings page, you’ll see a list of apps that have permission to access your Pinterest account. If you’ve been hacked, a suspicious application may be at fault. Review the permissions that are being granted, and remove anything that looks funny to you.

Step 5: Check what’s been going on

Hacking someone else’s Pinterest account is a great way to spread spam without it getting back to you. That’s the motive many hackers have for taking over your account. So the next order of business would be to check the account activity to see if anyone has used your account for something illegal or offensive (or just plain annoying). Look at boards and pins, and remove anything that doesn’t look familiar.

Step 6: Secure other accounts

other accounts

Often you’ll notice that when one account gets hacked, others get hacked as well. You might have gotten your Yahoo account hacked or your Facebook account is not responding. These are indications that a cracker is running through your accounts wreaking havoc.

You might be wondering how cyberpunks accomplish this task of mass account hacking. Well, sadly, it is usually our fault. When we use the same password for all of our online accounts, it reduces the layers of security that each account has to protect itself against attack. Take control of this epidemic by using strong and individual passwords for each of your accounts. Once again, use this tool to see if your passwords are being compromised.

Step 7: Use an antivirus, and use it often



An antivirus is like having a cop run through your house periodically to make sure no one is lurking in the bushes. It’ll make a sweep of your device and warn you if a virus, malware, or other bug is found.

Step 8: Get LogDog protection

log dog for pinterest


This might be the smartest step of all. LogDog keeps your email accounts safe, and that is always the juiciest target for a cracker. So download now for Android and iOS devices, and stay safe!

Written by  Omri Toppol

Omri is LogDog's marketing guy. He is passionate about technology, digital marketing and helping online users to stay safe and secure

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