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Uri Brison, cybersecurity expert and CEO of personal anti-hacking solution startup LogDog, says Sony isn’t to blame

LogDog is proud to be one of the 5 start-ups that were selected from 150 submissions.

Fab Israel supports start-ups that are based in Israel and which change the way people are connected and communicate. Its proposal to the selected start-ups is to accompany them for 3 months in the development of their product and to help them reach the European and African markets. The programme will host the selected start-ups in SOSA, an accelerator based in south Tel Aviv, housed in a former industrial building which has been transformed into an entrepreneur’s paradise. 
“With the opening of two new accelerators in Israel and Ivory Coast, the network of Orange Fab is now present on four continents. We believe it is our role to support, internationally, the growth of start-ups, which is a win-win situation”, declares Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, Senior Executive Vice President of Innovation, Marketing and Technologies of Orange.