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What is the LogDog Inbox Detective & Why You Need It?

by: Omri Toppol
How LogDog Inbox Detective helps prevent online identity theft

Cybercrimes are things that happen to other people, right?

You’ve got antivirus protection on your computer, so do you really need a service like the Inbox Detective? Let’s take a quick quiz to see where you’re online/computer security is holding.

  1. Have you ever downloaded an attachment or clicked on a link from a friend before verifying its veracity?
  2. Have you ever sent a friend your password to an online account?
  3. Did you ever agree to Terms and Conditions without reading through the entire list?
  4. Have you ever mentioned personal information like birthdays, the town you live in, or even a pet’s name on a social media account?
  5. When you see or hear that someone’s been hacked, do you think to yourself: “That sucks for him…but it’ll never happen to me”?

How’d you score? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in a worse off situation than you think.

This quiz was based on the opinions of some of the biggest experts in  computer and cyber security.

Your private details can bring in a nice sum on the black market, more than you’d imagine.

From social security numbers to health insurance, there’s a price for each, and the wrong people are more than willing to pay for it.

Want to see if you have Open password, malicious links, credit card and social security numbers sitting in your inbox and putting you at risk? Scan your account now and you will get a full report free of charge (limited time only)!

Not sure? Take a quick look at what your personal data is actually worth.

bankrate: Identity-theft victims pay a high price when their data get stolen

While a birth date sells for just $11, a package deal could run a hungry cybercriminal $1200.

Criminals can assume your identity with bits of personal data, opening credit cards, taking out loans, draining bank accounts or IRAs, and more.

What is the LogDog Inbox Detective and Do You Really Need It?
In recent years, there has been a wave of cyber-pickpocketing that has swarmed over the Internet like a shadow across Gotham City.

In fact 69% of Americans said that they were more afraid of their credit card being hacked than any other threat mentioned.

Where’s Batman when you need him?

LogDog Inbox Detective is Here to Save the Day!

The first and best line of defense against the pernicious email hacking is to set up a guard dog, and that’s where services like LogDog Inbox Detective come in.

What is the LogDog Inbox Detective?

LogDog Inbox Detective keeps online accounts secure through a thorough email scanning algorithm that detects when compromising information pops up in your inbox like:

  1. Credit card numbers.
  2. U.S. Social Security numbers.
  3. Passwords.
  4. U.S. bank account details.
  5. Malicious links.

And it compares your email address to a list of breached accounts to make sure you’re not on the list!

Want to see what is hiding in your inbox? Scan your account now with the Inbox Detective!

Do I Need the Detective?

To date, 1 in 4 email accounts get hacked, so if you are sitting in a room with three other friends, one of you is invariably going to get their email security pilfered.

Do you need LogDog Inbox Detective? Not if you’re willing to take a chance with your personal security, but with those odds, most people won’t want to take the gamble.

How Does LogDog Inbox Detective Work?

LogDog Inbox Detective will scan all of your emails, alerting you if an email contains any sensitive data that could make you vulnerable to hackers (like those items we mentioned above). 

What is the LogDog Inbox Detective and Do You Really Need It?

We highly recommend that you DELETE these incriminating emails and notify relevant contacts (with a built-in feature of the product) requesting that they delete the emails containing your private information as well.

Additionally, LogDog Inbox Detective will cross-reference your email address against a database of hacked email addresses.

In the event that your name shows up on the list, you will immediately be instructed on how to rectify the situation (including changing your password fast!).

You’ll also be able to warn friends of the potential danger that their emails are putting them in.

If your email address is found on a list of hacked accounts, and you’ve been corresponding with Great Aunt Lucy, then there’s a possibility that her account may be vulnerable as well.

(And since Lucy has been emailing you her credit card details, she’s really in trouble — once one account is hacked, the damage spreads like an infectious disease.)

What is the LogDog Inbox Detective and Do You Really Need It?

Worried About Safety?

You won’t have to hand over your password to anyone, and the service is only allowed temporary access into your account (just for the length of time it takes to run the scan).

After your scan, your credentials and your reports will be erased from our servers.
Your privacy and information are yours alone.

Guard yourself against the largest growing threat known to online accounts today with a simple tool like LogDog Inbox Detective, and send out secure emails with confidence.

Check out LogDog Inbox Detective now!

Written by  Omri Toppol

Omri is LogDog's marketing guy. He is passionate about technology, digital marketing and helping online users to stay safe and secure

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