LogDog is your mobile security “watch dog,” providing around-the-clock detection for suspicious activity and unauthorized access to your online accounts.
With LogDog, you can take control of your account before it gets hacked.

LogDog Protects Your
Most Important Accounts

LogDog protects your Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack and Evernote accounts.
More account types coming soon!

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How It Works

LogDog continuously scans your accounts for signs of suspicious activity. Hundreds of parameters are used to identify unauthorized access to your accounts. When a breach is detected, you immediately receive an alert.

Download LogDog - It's Free

Take Control

When you get an alert, LogDog guides you through taking control of your account before the hacker does.

Download LogDog - It's Free

where to download the Logdog protection app on google play
Download LogDog for your Iphone in the Apple Store to protect yourself against identity theft