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A Fraud Protection Service Insures Safe Credit Card Monitoring!

Almost 70% of US citizens said credit card hacking was their biggest fear to date, and frankly, people have good reason to be scared.

Credit card fraud is on the rise, and people are becoming victims of scams and theft daily. So what can the average Joe do to protect himself from credit card scams and get the best credit card protection?

Let’s Take a Quiz…

Before you dismiss credit card protection with a naive ‘It’s never going to happen to me, take this quick questionnaire to see if you are making some fatal credit card errors:

  1. Do you occasionally let more than two weeks go by without checking your bank accounts, charges, or credit card transactions (specifically noting any unauthorized credit card transactions)?
  2. Have you ever purchased anything online, giving over your credit card number?
  3. Do you use real life details/information as the answers to online security verification questions?
  4. Have you ever used an ATM?
  5. Have you ever thrown out a credit card bill, receipt, or other piece of paper with credit card information before shredding it?

Experts confirm that answering ‘Yes’ to any of these questions automatically puts you at risk for credit card scams or fraud.

The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the frightening statistics. As a $100 Million worldwide industry ( $500 million dollar in the US alone), you simply cannot afford to be without credit card protection in today’s day and age.

What Is The CardProtector And How It Can Save You a Lot Of Money
Fortunately, securing your cards is now easier than ever! Keep reading…

Would You Like to Sleep More Soundly?

If you already have the LogDog identity protection app for iOS or Android, then you’re ready to roll with the newest service that’s helping credit card holders everywhere sleep better at night.

If you haven’t discovered the benefits of LogDog yet, download the app for your iOS or Android and join the smart crowd that’s keeping their identities safe the easy way.

Introducing the latest in credit card fraud detection: CardProtector

The CardProtector is safe, easy to use, and doesn’t collect sensitive information.


What Is The CardProtector And How It Can Save You a Lot Of Money
You can get your first year with the CardProtector for free when you invite 3 friends to join you.

You can get your first year of credit protection with the CardProtector for free when you invite 3 friends to join you.

It simply scans a list of breached credit cards (containing more than 1 million credit card numbers), to ensure that your cards are in the clear.

Best of all, you can get your first year with the CardProtector for free when you invite 3 friends to join you. Check out how easy it is to stay credit card safe right now

Complete Credit Card Monitoring In One Fraud Protection Service

The CardProtector is a service built into our extensive LogDog app that guarantees that your credit cards are never being used by shady characters with nefarious intentions (like pilfering your life savings on designer shoes or around-the-world airplane tickets).

Through constant scanning and monitoring of blackmarket-breached credit card lists, the CardProtector keeps your information safe and your blood pressure down.

Do I Need the CardProtector?

Savvy Internet users know the importance of credit card protection and keeping your accounts safe.

After all, with one in four accounts getting hacked all the time, you’re begging for trouble without this kind of protection.

But there’s a new up-and-coming illegal trend, and it’s just as insidious as personal account hacking.

Identity theft – and credit card theft in particular – is a serious issue that people all over the world suffer from.

And the stats are sobering: 30 new victims will be attacked every minute! More than $100 million were stolen via hacked credit cards in 2014 alone!

These numbers speak volumes about where the future of cyber crimes is heading. (Hint: it’s straight for your wallet if you aren’t protected.)

Our quiz earlier showed how often people unwittingly let down their credit card guard without even realizing the far-reaching consequences.

Here’s a small example of how we inadvertently leave the backdoor open for identity thieves to “borrow” our credit.

If you noticed any unauthorized credit card charges, you wouldn’t waste a minute calling the company. But what if you don’t notice them until major damage was already done?

It’s common oversights like these that are turning regular people into victims by the hour.

So the question isn’t so much whether or not you need the CardProtector, but how fast can you get it up and running so your personal details and identity are protected again?!

How Does the CardProtector Work?

How does the CardProtector safeguard you from sinister frauds or identity theft?

The technology that fuels the credit card checker is pretty complicated for anyone who isn’t a tech geek, but the concept is so simple, anyone can benefit from it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the LogDog app for iOS or Android.
  2. Enter your name, country, and zip code into the CardProtector service of the LogDog app. (You do NOT need to enter your credit card info.)
  3. The CardProtector scans black market lists of stolen credit card information, comparing the data in the database with your given details.
  4. The CardProtector automatically sends you an alert if any match is found. That means you get minute-to-minute credit card fraud protection around the clock.

What Is The CardProtector And How It Can Save You a Lot Of Money

Bottom Line

If you have credit cards, then you’ll want to keep them safe with LogDog’s CardProtector. It’s simple, it’s secure, and most importantly, it’ll help you catch your zzzz’s more soundly!
Get the CardProtector now. And thank us later. 🙂


  1. Download the LogDog app.
  2. Open the CardProtector service of the LogDog app.
  3. Enter your name, country and zip code. (You do NOT need to enter your credit card info.)
  4. Let the CardProtector run its scans of black market lists of stolen credit card information,
  5. You will automatically receive an alert from The CardProtector if your card is on the stolen list.
  6. Alert your credit card company to freeze your credit card.
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Omri Toppol

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