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LogDog Learning Mode: Learning to Give You the Best Protection

by: Omri Toppol
How LogDog protection app learns to keep your accounts safe

Like any good guard dog, LogDog needs to learn how you normally use your accounts in order to provide you with the best protection possible.

That’s why, any time you protect a new account, LogDog will be in Learning Mode for seven days. During this short period, LogDog will learn things like:

  • Where and when you typically log in. For example, if you typically check Facebook from Florida, LogDog will alert you if your account is accessed from a different geography.
  • What devices you use. If you typically check Gmail from your Android device and LogDog detects account access from an iPhone, you’ll get an alert.
  • Which networks you use. Do you typically log into your accounts from a home network? Or an office network? Any unusual connection activity will instigate an alert.

You won’t receive any alerts while LogDog is in Learning Mode. But don’t worry; it’s already working to keep you protected, and you’ll even get notifications to keep you posted as Learning Mode progresses toward its finish. And, when Learning Mode ends, LogDog will continue learning your changing and evolving habits by allowing you to easily approve any new or unfamiliar activities.

Have any questions? Shoot us an email to We’re standing by!

Written by  Omri Toppol

Omri is LogDog's marketing guy. He is passionate about technology, digital marketing and helping online users to stay safe and secure

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23 thoughts on “LogDog Learning Mode: Learning to Give You the Best Protection

  1. I think my husband has hacked my gmail/Google account and gets some sort of alert with any action I make on there, same with my fb account…. How can I know for sure and how can I fix it?

    1. Rose Yost Dolan

      Get yourself LogDog because I have to and it’s a good one! you’ll see I’m sure you’ll really like is OK.. your Friend Always Rose Yost Dolan…

    1. Hi Gidget,
      LogDog will alert you whenever a suspicious activity is detected on any of your protected accounts. By alerting you immediately directly to your mobile device, LogDog allows you to quickly change your password if any suspected attack is detected, and lock out intruders before they do any damage.

  2. I did get a divorce and my ex is still listening to my calls, tracking me, reading my emails and texts. I have had several phone numbers and a ton of passwords. If LOGDOG takes 7 days to learn my account usage, it will learn my ex’s habits as well. How can I stop this?

    1. Hi Dwight,

      We are monitoring only phones that have LogDog app installed in them, and will let you know if something suspicious happens. We can not monitor your Ex’s accounts and notify you about her habits. Our users privacy is the most important thing to us. Hope you understand.

    1. Hi Carlos! Thank you for your feedback! At the moment we don’t have this option, but we are always working on new developments, and we will consider it for the future.

    2. Rose Yost Dolan

      you and me both need too be protected Aldo. I know what you’re busy here lately and I have been busy Aldo! your Friend Always Rose Yost Dolan. omyess! have a very Blessed Day Today your Friend Always Rose Yost Dolan…

  3. Rose Yost Dolan

    Just wanted to ask if you would watch over message for me! I have lots of friends and family while I worry about them at all times OK please let me know when you’re finished with my Neely yours truth Rose Yost Dolan…

  4. Spring Robinson

    I was Given a 1 year promo code as a Loyalty user ever Since you first Started LogDog. Now with the Change of Mobile services recently, and New Mobile device’s, that Code has been Lost
    Please resend


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