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Shopping Online? Use These Steps and Our Identity Theft Protection Services to Stay Safe

by: Omri Toppol
How to protect your identity when there are so many cases of identity theft

We all live and breathe the internet.As the holiday season approaches, shopping online becomes the fastest and most convenient way to do your Christmas and Holiday shopping. There’s a sense of pleasure and accomplishment in buying Christmas gifts on Amazon while sitting on your sofa in your pajamas. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how vulnerable they are when shopping online, especially if they don’t have an identity theft prevention service.

We hate to burst your bubble, but online shopping is far from safe. In fact, it’s now clear that our information is increasingly at risk. Did you know that around 13 million people in the, US had their personal data stolen last year? And experts anticipate that it will get even worse. So, how do you protect against identity theft?

The truth is identity theft protection services are the only way to be sure your personal information is under wraps. Our services will stop hackers in their tracks and add an additional layer of defense to your personal information. You can check out our credit protection services and what we have to offer for iOS and Android.

But before we start, let’s go over the basics of internet security, and how to protect your identity while shopping online.

Tips for Online Shopaholics

  1. Put it on plastic: Debit cards are convenient, but NOT recommended for making purchases online. That’s because as soon as the charge is made, the money is deducted from your checking account and paid to the merchant. If you need to make a claim about a fraudulent charge on your debit card, you’re going to have to fight the bank to get your money back. When paying for items online, always use a credit card. They offer more credit protection (such as the guarantees of the Fair Credit Billing Act) and allow you to dispute charges and withhold payments.
  2. Stay incognito: Stay away from prying eyes by using a prepaid credit card. You can get these at your local bank. These cards augment your level of identity fraud protection since they only have a prepaid amount and are valid for a limited time. You can also opt for a virtual card that is linked to your account. A virtual card’s number changes after each purchase, rendering the old number useless. Your credit card provider may offer this service free of charge, giving you a cost-free way to shop safely.
  3. Keep it private: Identity theft protection starts with prevention. You know that public Wi-Fi at your favorite cafe or the one offered by your city or telephone company? Don’t use it! These hotspots are just crawling with security threats. Stick to private Wi-Fi that is password protected.
  4. Stick with encryption: Only purchase items on pages that are encrypted. You can check for encryption via an https:// prefix in the URL bar. Similarly, a padlock symbol indicates that your connection to the merchant is secure. Never share your credit card number or personal information in unsecure environments such as email, chat rooms, or Skype.
  5. Document everything: Keep track of everything you agree to and pay for. Remember those terms and conditions you agreed to? Read them and save them. The same goes for any correspondences, receipts, and transaction records you may have. If you ever need to dispute charges, having these records will come in handy.
  6. Use your head: This is the most abstract tip, but equally as important. Be critical of every advertisement, link, offer and website you see online. Don’t make any purchases unless you are absolutely sure you’re buying from a trusted merchant. Always think about how to protect your identity. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Our Identity Theft Protection Services Stay One Step Ahead of Criminals

Despite your best effort to stay safe online, you can’t guarantee you won’t have your information stolen. One of the biggest problems is that once you enter your card details, it becomes the responsibility of the business to protect your data. We have all heard the stories of credit card data being stolen from Target, Home Depot, the Marriot, etc …

These examples show that even if you take all of the proper steps listed above, you may still not be protected from hackers.

So, if you’re wondering how to protect yourself from identity theft and how you can get credit card fraud protection and fight against these external threats? The answer is to use identity theft protection services like ours. We keep you safe online by monitoring your data and tracking any activity related to your personal information.

If we suspect that your account is the victim of any suspicious activity or potential fraud, we will immediately notify you, giving you a head start to take steps to counter the theft. We monitor different factors like your Social Security number, bank accounts, and credit card numbers, so you can rest easy.

Lets face it; it’s easy for a hacker to steal your personal information. So why not take some precaution and put our identity theft protection services to use? Your peace of mind is worth the investment!

Written by  Omri Toppol

Omri is LogDog's marketing guy. He is passionate about technology, digital marketing and helping online users to stay safe and secure

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